Xiao Xie’s Massage Studio offers you a wide range of Specialized Chinese massage modalities.


You can enjoy a relaxing full-body massage or a more specialized massage just for your back, feet or face, or request an intensive pedicure. Scientific research as well as personal testimonies of many clients show that massage helps calm the nervous system and can relieve your daily stress and tension so you have better control of your responses to any negative powers and stresses arising from your living and working environments.


Of course, your stressful work environment or lifestyle cannot be remedied by Xiao Xie’s Massage Studio. However, we can restore and balance your body and mental state to bring back harmony, well-being and joy. Then you can tackle all the agonizing  problems and new challenges with a fresh and open mind and a strong, healthy body. Besides that, special massages can relief headaches, muscle or joint pains, or pains resulting from old injuries that return over and over again.


Xiao Xie’s Massage Studio uses techniques that are based on centuries old and extensive Chinese knowledge of the human body and the pressure point techniques that correlate with the human organs and nervous system.